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Avni-Save The Earth


Avni-Save The Earth

Welcome to
Avni-Save the Earth blog.
Avni is a Indian  name or (Avni) means The Earth.
Princess of god.
Avni bring the authority and power to build everything.
Project avni founded by it engineer tushar darekar and designer avni from pune, india. Designer/photographer founders itself.
Save the earth is a project about environment and climate change, dedicated to saving the world’s nature, forest, oceans, water, marine life and all the planet through a number of activities, initiatives by spreading awareness and importance of our planet and nature across the different age of the people around the world.
Increasing environmental literacy, education about the environment and changing the human perspective towards the nature are main goals.
with the help of this blog we try to spread the hope to make the future healthier, convenient and eco-friendly.
Tushar Darekar
Avni-save the Earth
Hey what’s up?
Welcome to

Save the Earth

Avni- Save the Earth.


Yes! Yes! You!
You are the one who change the World and changes starts with you!
It’s really tough to talk about Earth, but its really important than any other thing in this world,
I study and research about our planet situation and health and I found that mother earth don’t need our help to save herself.
She will need couple of weeks to destroy the whole things on the planet, but I don’t thinks so! nature need to take efforts on this.
Human himself going on the way of self and other species destruction and earth says,

“Just give me a thousand year and I will be back with full of nature”.

But, who we are? What we do?
Ignorance, illiteracy about environment is the worst enemy for conservation of our Mother Earth. For this reason this blog was born,
to raise awareness and spreading knowledge among the people become the first priority to preserve the nature.
We are the humans just another species on the earth, there are Millions of other species living on this Planet, but Human they are smart; very smart, intelligent, innovative and powerful species they runs this planet from last two thousand years, but it doesn’t mean that we owned everything.
We are graduates, Engineers, Doctors but more between us are being Stupid and Careless, they don’t  know even little things about the nature.
Look at yourself and ask,
“Am I really doing the things Which is really good for the nature and mankind?”,
Many of us will get confuse, because we are living in the fast growing Technical world where, we don’t have TIME. We have lots of Stress on life like, money, job, education, family issue, health issue, political, corruption that are uncountable. We are just fight to survive and become better than our neighbor and in that race.
We are having worst decease like ignorance, ambition, ego, money, personal satisfaction and for personal happiness. we are not only ignored the earth and other species but also neglecting other humans too.
If we really want to make the change in anything then we must need to extinguish our personal ambition, expectation, and way of thinking towards the world.
If you do so and come out of the family problem then we are able to recognize earth’s situation and this discussion will make sense.

We all are in prison and we will die in prison.
There is solution for everything. We just need to see beyond.
 “If we are going to live like other people, then what will be the point of being on this world”
– Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Now, it’s right time, the mother Earth need our support to save the every species on this
Blue Planet.
If we don’t make any massive changes to our behavior and perspective over the next 10 years, the damage we’ve done to this will be irreversible.
Oceans will be destroyed,
super storms will become even more super,
cities will flood,
the air will suck,
Monsoon become unpredictable
and we’ll run out of food and energy and without this, it is impossible to survive.
And not in upcoming hundred years either.
Scientists say its right around the corner. But the power to prevent this
beauty and Life is in our hands! In your hands! 
We can save the Earth!!! Still we have a chance, if we lose we will lost everything neither your money nor your lazy efforts will worked.

Because, Timing is everything, “there is no point of feeding the person who already dead”.
I hope,
you understood my point. I’m talking to you because I believe you are human,
 there is lot of feelings and humanity still remaining inside some heart and it might be yours, Man! 

If you are a passionate and responsible person who is concerned about the health of the planet, desire to make a change in your local community and people’s perspective or are looking for a things where your voice can be heard, then you’ve landed in the right place.
Our work and creation is made up of people just like you – 
we are unable to save our planet without your help. 
We focus on, regeneration of ecosystems, environmental issues, wildlife, sustainable Eco-energy, clean water and food.
Our main goal is to encourage everyone, businesses and governments to accept green evolution and leave the world as a better place for future generations, not only for humans but also for the every species on this
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Rinva C
Rinva C
2 months ago

Great information here. I will share with my friends. Mother earth is so important for us. I love earth and hope everyone will love it

Last edited 2 months ago by Rinva C
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