to save the Earth


Yah! Yes! Yes! You,
You are the one who changes the World and changes starts with you!
Uh, I’m a boy, just like you, to save the earth here I stood,
I just want you to help me around to save the earth, save the planet,
We are the humans, we love the earth, it is our planet,
We are the species, we have a heart, it is our work,
We are the one, who make the change, which lasts forever.
So don’t make a noise, don’t made a plastic and keep our Earth clean and clear.
Before we born, Earth was happy like dancing Rainbow in the Sky,
Now the Earth, fading into dark like a moon in the night.
Because of us mother Earth is dying and situation around us changing with the time,
We are the humans, we made plastic, we pollute ocean, we spread gasses into the nature,
We are the humans we cut the trees, we eat the fish and nature get finish.
Now it’s time to open our eyes, are you able to listen my voice?
Tushar Darekar
Web Developer


Hello Human,
I am The Ocean
“I am the Ocean, I am the life and I’m the engine of this planet, like engine of your car
I have covered most of the planet every cloud, every stream and every raindrop comes back to me, every living thing depends on me
I am the source,
I am the blood of your life
every species on this earth needs me I made clouds, maintain atmosphere,
heat and living things, there are 95% species lives inside me,
But, Humans are not different for me,
they destroys me, feeding plastics and pollution, fossil fuels and made me poisonous.
I give, they take and they give me a waste, because of them I lost my 70% of the see riff and species inside water territories.
But I can always take it back what I give
That’s just the way it’s always been
It’s not their planet anyway
Never was, never will be,
it’s all species planet.
But human, they take more than they share and deserve
They poison me, and then they expect me to feed them
Well it doesn’t work that way
If human want to exist in nature with me,
I suggest they need to listen carefully
I’m going to say this once
If nature isn’t kept healthy, human’s won’t survive neither life on the land
it’s so simple
I could survive with or without humans
I am the Ocean
I covered this entire planet once, and I can always cover it again
And that’s all I have to say.”
I Don’t need you; you need me.


Hello Human,
I am The Ice
“I am the Ice, so cold yah!
I made up with fresh water
And covered entire south and north poles to keep planet cool and healthy,
Well, I move slowly very slow
but humans keep warming this planet
Spreading gases into the nature, and I got thin layer of ozone, now the Sun hearts me with radiations and extreme heat.
I tried to warn you
I sent pieces of me thundering into the ocean
You can’t do anything
I raised sea levels, you will find in your reports
You did nothing
It has taken you decades to notice
If you don’t find solutions I’m here to launch my glaciers into the ocean
Perhaps I’m not so slow after all”

The Water

Hello Human,
I am The Water
“I am Water, without me life never exists,
I covered entire planet about 72%, still you are about to run out of me, starving for me, facing the drought and water crisis.
Because you have less than 1% water to drink; not anymore, but you still careless and wasting this into the rivers,
I’m water, To humans I am just a need
I’m something they just take for granted
But there is only so much of me
I start as rain in the mountains,
Flow through rivers and streams
and end up in the ocean
then the cycle begins again
With this journey, I feed million species providing them life and food
I green the lands and feed the forest with the rain,
But now I got polluted and hazardous because of human
and it will take me ten thousand years to get back to the state  I’m in now,
But for the humans, I’m just water
Just there
I’m here today but not lasts forever
you might start wars over me like you do over everything else
that’s always an option
but it’s not the only option”
I’m still here and quite enough for you, so protect me
Because neither you get water on any other planet, nor you could build with your technology.

The Air

Hello Human,
I am The Air
“Hey! Would you like to fly with me?”
“Look around look here!
There I am
I am the Sky I am the air I am the life of your lungs
Every day I am the breath you take in
I’m a warm protective blanket wrapped around the whole Earth
I can bring clouds, rain and wind
I can be an super storm, Ice storm, without me you would fry
Yet you are making me toxic
I am overfilled, off balance, polluted
And now I am suffocating
You see, I am more conscious than you think
It took millions of years to get the perfect climate
Now you enjoy my perfect mix of gases, temperature and weather
But your development, your factories, cars and dust, they have pushed me at the end of my capacity
And you miracle why my typhoons and tornadoes are more dominant, more frequent
I have become unpredictable
Less rain here, a lot more rain there
Hotter summers, colder winters
I cannot even control myself so longer
Quite enough about me, I will show my changes to you in upcoming decades
But at the end I’ll be fine
Give me a few thousand years, I have weathered trauma before
I am not worried for myself
Look up! You need to worry for those whom you love the most”
Because I don’t ask
“who is your love before I heart.”

The Forest

Hello Human,
I am The Forest
Hello, what up Animals?
You all are the animals for the forests
And more than 1 million species depends on me for their food and livelihoods
Look around, every tree belongs to me,
Wherever you live there was Forest one day,
I heal your soul and brain, make you happy and reduce your stress,
Do you know?
I covered 30% OF planet,
You generate more than 100 significant medicines from me
I am the lungs of this planet
I am the tropical rainforest, Amazons forest, Indian forest, and I spread all over the lands
Everything you use comes from me.
I am the source of your living
I feed you, grow you and keep you alive with oxygen
You always come to me for my medicines, trees, woods, plants
For my beauty and I always been for them and I have more than this
But now it’s all gone
I lost my 6 thousand rainforest Childs each year
And you human they are so smart, more intelligent and have big brain.
They know how to make the things amazing things
Now why they need all forest like me anymore, jungles, trees and plants
Well, they do breathe Air and I make air with oxygen
Have you ever thought about that?
And human so much smart, intelligent, you figure it out you don’t make air Ha-ha!
You human! You so smart.
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