Some Interesting things About EARTH

Only Planet to have
liquid water on its surface

Avni means
The Earth;
Avni is Indian Name. Avni comes with authority and power to build everything.
0 th
Largest planet in the Solar System
Miles away from The Sun
0 Million
Species Living on our Planet
Earth Is The Solitary Planet Known To Preserve Life. Earth Is Also Exceptional In Terms Of Monikers. In Sanskrit Word “Avni” Means The Earth, Every Planet In The Solar System Was Named For Ancient Divinity, But For At Least A Thousand Years, Some Cultures Have Described Our World Using The German Word “Earth,” Which Means Purely “The Ground.”

Revolving Around The Sun

Earth Revolutions Around The Sun Once Every 365.25 Days. Since Our Calendar Years Have Only 365 Days,
To make Earth 365 Days We Add An Extra Leap Day Every Four Years To Calculate This Difference.
But Why Can’t We Feel It?
Earth Speed To Its Orbit At An Average Velocity Of 29.77 Km/Second.
Earth full
0 Days
Once in Year
During This Journey, Our Planet Is Nearly Of 93 Million Miles Away From The Sun, A Distance That Takes Light About 8 Minutes To Traverse. Astronomers And Scientists Define This Distance As One Astronomical Unit (AU)

Layers Of Earth

Other Planets Like Venus And Mars, Earth Has Valleys, Mountains, And Volcanoes. But Unlike Its Rocky Family Member, Almost 72 Percent Of Earth’s Surface Is Covered In Oceans Of Liquid Water That Average Depth Of 2.6 Miles.
0 %
Oceans Of Liquid Water
These Bodies Of Water Contain 97 Percent Of Earth’s Volcanoes And The Mid-Ocean Rim, A Huge Mountain Range Greater Than 40,000 Miles Extended.


Truth Is Species Are Uncountable And Unknown To Human. Some Of Human May Think That We Own The Planet. You’d Be Wrong. There Are Total Of 1.3 Million Species Have Been Identified And Described By The Human, But The Truth Is That Many More Live On Earth. 
0 Million
Plant And Animal Species On Our Planet
0 %
Microbes Have Yet To Be Discovered.
​It Means That We Have Discovered Only 15% Of All The Organisms That Live On Earth. Apart From That One Trillion Species Of Microbes On Earth And 99.999 Percent Of Them Have Yet To Be Discovered.

Protective Fields And Gases

The Earth’s Atmosphere Not Only Preserves Life On Earth, But It Also Protects It. 
Earth’s Surface Temperature Was About 14 Degrees Celsius, Now Its Rose 0.9 Degree Celsius In Report Of 2017. Like A Greenhouse, This Blanket Of Gases Absorbs And Maintains Heat. 
0 %
global Ozone layer is destroyed
Nitrogen- 0 %
Present in Earth’s Atmosphere
Oxygen- 0 %
Life of planet
Other Gasses- 0 %
Such As Carbon Dioxide, Water Vapor, And Argon
Do You Know?
Our Atmosphere Is Thick Enough That Many Meteorites Burn Up From Friction Before They Impact On The Planet, And Its Gases Such As Ozone; Called As Protector Of Life On EarthBlock DNA-Damaging Ultraviolet Light Which Comes From The Sun, Reaching The Surface. But Our Atmosphere Does, It’s Surprisingly Thin. But Is Quite Enough To Survive The Species.
In The Last Two Centuries, Humans Have Added Enough Greenhouse Gases And CO2 To The Atmosphere To Raise Earth’s Average Temperature By 1.8 Degrees Fahrenheit. This Extra Heat Has Changed Earth’s Weather Configurations In Many Ways.
0 %
Earth’s Atmosphere Lies Within Just 10 Miles Of The Planet’s Surface


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