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Avni-Save The Earth

Welcome to
Avni-Save The Earth

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Because We don't Have a Time
And Nothing Is Beautiful Than

If we don't become serious the Nature will become serious.

Welcome to

Avni- Save the Earth

Hello world,
How are you? Hope you are good!
Are you thinking what this blog is about?
Yes I know! This is really boring subject for you. You need to take time to understand this.
Well, let’s go ahead.
Yeh! Don’t worry It won’t take much time.
You are busy and so much busy, you are smart and very smart and I know you don’t have a time to look for the outside world? You will imagine what is outside world, and why I’m saying about.
I’m talking about the world where you live, The Ocean which makes the clouds, the clouds which make the rain with full of water, the water which keep you alive and let you grow.
The trees which gives you the Oxygen and the food which is your daily need. The Ice which keep this planet from overheating. The resources which only comes from the earth. The land where you are standing now, and the soil which let grow the trees, many plants, insects, animals and everything on this blue planet.
We are intelligent species but actually that intelligence worth to us?
We must think,
Whatever we invent isn’t it a magic?
Touchscreen phones, Cars and Machines, Technology, Planes, and many more.
We are nearly 7 feet tall but we construct the structure which is 700 meters high. Before few decades ago we invented the rocket and we were look to the moon and now we are on the moon and heading towards the Mars. We sent thousands of rocket around the earth and moon and now searching for another planet.
But how could we become so senseless?
The one who sent the human on the Moon and rocket to another planet. How could he destroying him own home?
We must need to think about that!
We don’t have power but we have machines, we don’t fly but we have planes,
we are not speedy but we have vehicles, we all are not smart but we have smart phones,
that’s not only for the Facebook, WhatsApp and surfing videos but also there are so much big things on the internet.
Yes u could tackle any situation and make it better. Every information you need is there on internet. Yes you could make change. One men can make huge difference.
Read about climate change and global warming also about human perspective and attitude
“Before the year 2000″,
there was everything which depends on Nature, but after year 2000 technology and development get introduce and human become more ambitious and negligent, when he get result in his favor he start pull out all possible things from the nature to construct their own Planet.
Sometimes we forget that there are many species Living on this planet and they all love living on this planet just like all of us.
And now the Mother Earth is suffocating and fading into the darkness and in messy atmosphere.
Dust, pollution, negligence towards earth atmosphere, illiteracy about environment, global warming and more effects affect the Earth’s presence.
Ignorance is the worst enemy for conservation of our mother earth. For this purpose this blog was born, to raise cognizance among its readers and importance of preserving nature.
The Earth is our Mother, 
but we are not showing it the love and care she deserves.
Mother earth is a miraculous place,
you’ll never get another planet like this and it’s our responsibility to give our efforts not only to keep it that way, but to start reversing the damage we’ve already done.
Requested By
Tushar Darekar
Avni-save the Earth

The Reasons and Impacts on the Earth

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